Want to start a conversation? Wear vintage.

If you are shy and have a hard time chatting with people at social events, wearing a unique statement piece of vintage jewelry acts like a conversation starter. People ask about it and they want to know the history of it. They want to know what it’s made of, and where you got it.

Ring featured on NBC: New York LIVE TV

I’ve found the vintage jewelry that instantly attracts are pieces depicting animals or bugs, zodiac signs, or figural pieces; and the bigger, the better. My friends have told me countless stories about what happened when they wore a vintage piece of jewelry that got them noticed —the Member of the Board stopped mid-sentence at a big company meeting to ask where she got the amazing necklace, the hot guy at the party asked her about her earrings (yeah, GUYS like vintage jewelry, no matter their sexual orientation), the stranger on the bus complimented her on her bracelet, etc.

Vintage gives people a way in to talk to you and helps you stand out from the crowd. So wear your vintage and wear it proud! That rhymed, didn’t it?

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